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Cancellation: Unfortunately, this event has been postponed until further notice. A new date will be announced, conditions permitting, later this year.

EuroLics in association with Indialics is organizing a Webinar Panel on The Covid Pandemic, Digitalization, and Divergence in European Innovation Systems

January 11, 2022, 2pm – 4:30pm (CET), Online (zoom)

The Covid Pandemic has had a profound and uneven impact on the economies of Europe. The economies of southern Europe, including Greece, Spain and Italy were the hardest hit, registering declines in GDP in 2020 of 8 to 9 percent. While economic activity began to recover from the spring quarter of 2021, longer-lasting effects from the pandemic are expected with the level of activity of some countries predicted to reach pre-pandemic levels only by 2023 (OECD, 2021).

The four panellists will explore the heterogeneous effects of the covid pandemic on innovation activity and outcomes at the national, sector and enterprise levels. The panel will further consider what policy responses should be pursued at the EU- and national levels to support the development of technical and innovation capabilities in those sectors and enterprises that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and to mitigate the unequal impact of the pandemic across nations.

  • Prof. Rolf Sternberg, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
  • Prof. Yannis Caloghirou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Erkan Erdil, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • Prof. Svetla Marinova, Aalborg University Business School, Denmark
  • Prof. Edward Lorenz (Chair), University of Cote d’Azur and Aalborg University Business School, Denmark

The webinar is co-sponsored by the European (EuroLics) and Indian (IndiaLICS) branches of Globelics and Aalborg University Business School.

No registration fee